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business ideas and strategic planning Alpha-eBiz is a source for independent articles, information, product reviews, solutions and opinions regarding business technology issues, strategic business development, e-commerce, web site design, search engine optimization and creating a great user environment for your customers. Our goal is to provide useful tips for anyone looking for answers to questions about how to succeed in online business.

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced entrepreneur, we hope you will find tips and information to help you to build and improve your business and your web site.

Merchant Accounts vs. Payment Gateways

Both a merchant account and a payment gateway are necessary components for every credit card transaction. They each serve a different function and each will charge you both a monthly fee and transaction fees. A merchant account is simply the … Continue reading

Credit Card Fraud Country Hot List

If you sell products on the web and take credit cards from international customers, be aware that as a merchant you will very likely absorb the entire cost for any credit card fraud that occurs. It doesn’t matter if your … Continue reading

Using IP Addresses to Verify the Location of a Buyer

It is not unusual for fraudulent orders to originate in countries where the credit card fraud rate is unacceptably high or where you do not do business. Here is how to use IP addresses to check the geographic location of … Continue reading

What is SWOT / SLOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis is used to gauge a company’s strategic advantages and disadvantages as compared to the competition and the marketplace. It is method for exploring the future or the past so that you can be ready to deal the competition … Continue reading

What is a First Mover Advantage?

There are many ways to succeed in business, but very few formulas for success can have an impact as strong as the first mover advantage. Simply put, the first mover advantage is achieved when an entrepreneur who has an original … Continue reading

Web Page Validation and Code Testing

Validation assures that your HTML or XHTML code is compliant with industry standards. This in turn means that your Web pages should render (display) without errors in a browser. It also helps assure that the code can be easily read … Continue reading

Browser Testing

Browser testing can be an annoyance but is necessary due to inherent incompatibilities between Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) and Mozilla’s FireFox, further incompatibilities between different versions of the same browser (mostly IE issues), as well as numerous bugs that were … Continue reading

E-commerce Startup Realities

Ecommerce has grown enourmously over the past few years and so have the challenges related to setting up a successful web site. This article covers many of the issues that you need to be aware of before you dive into an ecommerce venture. Continue reading

Internet Marketing FAQs

This is the catch-all page for short and sweet Internet marketing questions and answers. If you have an Internet marketing question, just submit it as a comment. If we can answer it, we will post the answer as an additional … Continue reading

Using Google Query Operators

Google offers a few query commands, also called operators, that can be used to analyze a Web site–and about the competition for your selected keyword phrases. The following is a brief list of the most useful query operators. Just substitute … Continue reading

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