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Try these handy tools to help you to improve your search engine rankings, speed up your site and prevent fraudulent orders.

Merchant Accounts vs. Payment Gateways

Both a merchant account and a payment gateway are necessary components for every credit card transaction. They each serve a different function and each will charge you both a monthly fee and transaction fees. A merchant account is simply the … Continue reading

Credit Card Fraud Country Hot List

If you sell products on the web and take credit cards from international customers, be aware that as a merchant you will very likely absorb the entire cost for any credit card fraud that occurs. It doesn’t matter if your … Continue reading

Using IP Addresses to Verify the Location of a Buyer

It is not unusual for fraudulent orders to originate in countries where the credit card fraud rate is unacceptably high or where you do not do business. Here is how to use IP addresses to check the geographic location of … Continue reading