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Internet marketing covers a wide range of topics intended to help build awareness for the products and services you offer.

What is SWOT / SLOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis is used to gauge a company’s strategic advantages and disadvantages as compared to the competition and the marketplace. It is method for exploring the future or the past so that you can be ready to deal the competition … Continue reading

What is a First Mover Advantage?

There are many ways to succeed in business, but very few formulas for success can have an impact as strong as the first mover advantage. Simply put, the first mover advantage is achieved when an entrepreneur who has an original … Continue reading

E-commerce Startup Realities

Ecommerce has grown enourmously over the past few years and so have the challenges related to setting up a successful web site. This article covers many of the issues that you need to be aware of before you dive into an ecommerce venture. Continue reading

Internet Marketing FAQs

This is the catch-all page for short and sweet Internet marketing questions and answers. If you have an Internet marketing question, just submit it as a comment. If we can answer it, we will post the answer as an additional … Continue reading

Alternate Sales Channels and Internet Auctions

If you are looking for additional ways to sell your products outside of your main web site, there are alternative marketing and sales channels to consider. While eBay is currently the 800 pound gorilla in this arena, it is not … Continue reading

Avoiding Mistakes with e-Commerce Web Site Design

E-commerce sites walk a fine line with users. If the site is friendly, easy-to-use, attuned to your audience and the products presented properly, the site should convert visitors to users. However, most e-commerce sites do not work to convert visitors … Continue reading

What is the BecomeBot Spider?

The BecomeBot spider has been creating problems with some e-commerce sites. Here is how to deal with it. Continue reading