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Every web site owner who desires free traffic from search engines needs to be aware of how search engines work.

Selecting a Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart

Some shopping carts will not allow a search engine to index their Web pages properly due to the way they are designed. This article reveals what you need to look for when selecting a shopping cart for you e-commerce web site. Continue reading

How JavaScript Can Drive Users and Search Engines Away

JavaScript is commonly used to provide interactive features on Web site, but the improper use of JavaScript can drive potential customers away and hinder search engine rankings. Continue reading

Important Google Links

Provides a list of important links to Google Web development and SEO resources. These are the Google links that every site owner needs to know about. Continue reading

Calculating Keyword Density

Keyword density is an estimate of the percentage of times a targeted keyword phrase appears in the content on a web page. Learn how to calculate keyword density to help boost your web pages in search engine rankings. Continue reading

What are Google’s Supplemental Results?

Find out what you need to do if you find your Google traffic falling off. You may have pages in their supplemental results index. Continue reading

Important Bing Links

MSN is the number three search engine. We provide a list of links to help you to find the MSN resources you seek. Continue reading

Important Yahoo Links

Yahoo is the number two search engine. While Google continues to dominate and drives most of the traffic on the Internet, Yahoo is preferred by many users. The following links provide tips, marketing tools and useful information that can help … Continue reading

How to Use the robots.txt File to Exclude Files and Directories from Search Engines

The robots.txt file is useful for blocking spiders from indexing parts of a web site. The file is easy to use and shouldbe included with all web sites. Continue reading

Tips for Improved Search Engine Rankings

Search engine optimization is not rocket science and sometimes a little effort goes a long way. Follow these basic tips to help improve the search engine rankings for your web site. Continue reading

What is the BecomeBot Spider?

The BecomeBot spider has been creating problems with some e-commerce sites. Here is how to deal with it. Continue reading