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One of the best ways to build trust with customers is to have an e-commerce site that looks professional and performs well. We help you to build the perfect site with tips and recommnedations from e-commerce professionals.

Web Page Validation and Code Testing

Validation assures that your HTML or XHTML code is compliant with industry standards. This in turn means that your Web pages should render (display) without errors in a browser. It also helps assure that the code can be easily read … Continue reading

Browser Testing

Browser testing can be an annoyance but is necessary due to inherent incompatibilities between Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) and Mozilla’s FireFox, further incompatibilities between different versions of the same browser (mostly IE issues), as well as numerous bugs that were … Continue reading

Using Google Query Operators

Google offers a few query commands, also called operators, that can be used to analyze a Web site–and about the competition for your selected keyword phrases. The following is a brief list of the most useful query operators. Just substitute … Continue reading

Avoiding Mistakes with e-Commerce Web Site Design

E-commerce sites walk a fine line with users. If the site is friendly, easy-to-use, attuned to your audience and the products presented properly, the site should convert visitors to users. However, most e-commerce sites do not work to convert visitors … Continue reading

How to Enable or Disable JavaScript in Browser

Many interactive features on a Web page require the use of JavaScript. This article explains how to turn JavaScript back on after it has been disabled. Continue reading

How JavaScript Can Drive Users and Search Engines Away

JavaScript is commonly used to provide interactive features on Web site, but the improper use of JavaScript can drive potential customers away and hinder search engine rankings. Continue reading

How to Use the robots.txt File to Exclude Files and Directories from Search Engines

The robots.txt file is useful for blocking spiders from indexing parts of a web site. The file is easy to use and shouldbe included with all web sites. Continue reading