Important Google Links

Google provides a wide range of useful tools that are worthy of investigation. Every web site owner should be aware of these links. Some tools, such as Google’s Webmaster Tools, require registration. If you learn to use these tools, you will gain useful insight into how Google views your web sites. The following is a list of links that provide valuable tools, insight and information to help you utilize Google more effectively.

Google Webmasters Help Center
This is probably the most comprehensive list of links to various Google tools. Take some time and check them out.

Google Webmaster Tools

This is the summary page for Google’s Webmaster Tools. You will need to register for Google’s Webmaster Tools. Once you do, you will be able to utilize a range of unique tools that are very beneficial. Google provides tools that analyze your robots.txt file for errors, informs you of which pages they are having trouble indexing and provides information regarding which search phrases represent your sites. The tool I like the best is a backlink checker that lists all the inbound links to each page in your site.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

Probably the most important page in the Webmaster Guidelines section. Make sure that your web site does not violate any of the rules spelled out on this page. This is Google’s way of publishing a fair warning about the types of design issues that could result in reduced rankings or banishment from Google’s database. Be especially sure to read the Quality Guidelines further down the page.

Google Trends

This is an interesting tool compares topics to see how often they’ve been used in searches on Google over time. It also displays how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and which geographic regions of the planet have searched for them most.

Google Toolbar

The Google toolbar is useful for blocking annoying and sometimes dangerous pop-ups. It is also a must-have tool if you track Google’s PageRank on the pages in your site. Other benefits include the ability to easily check backlinks (backward links in Google jargon) and easy view
the last cached copy of a Web page, which also displays the date of the last GoogleBot visit. They have different version for Internet Explorer and FireFox.

Google Operators

Explains how to utilize a range of useful query codes designed to help you perform more effective searches in Google.

Basic Search Help

Another Google page with advice about how to search more effectively using Google.

Google Zeitgeist

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a zeitgeist defines "the general intellectual, moral and cultural climate of an era." Google’s Zeitgeist page summarizes the most popular searches conducted in Google over the previous year. This is interesting and sometimes useful for planning your keyword phrase selection strategy.

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