Important Yahoo Links

Yahoo is the number two search engine. While Google continues to dominate and drives most of the traffic on the Internet, Yahoo is preferred by many users. The following links provide tips, marketing tools and useful information that can help a site owner utilize Yahoo’s search services more effectively.

Yahoo’s Search Content Quality Guidelines are a must-read for every site owner. Guidelines detail the issues that you should not be engaged in with your Web site design or search engine campaign. Guidelines are the rules laid out by search engines that serve as a fair warning for site owners by detailing the types of issues that will likely get a Web site penalized or removed from a search engine’s database. It behooves you to read them and take them seriously.

Yahoo’s Search Content Quality Guidelines

If you have a new site and wish to submit it to Yahoo, do it with the following link. Read the rules. You only need to submit a site one time. You do have to sign up for a free Yahoo account to use this link.

Yahoo – Submit Your Site

Yahoo offers a free toolbar that works with Internet Explorer. The Yahoo toolbar features pop-up and spyware blockers.

Yahoo Toolbar

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